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The Government’s gender pay gap transparency regulations are designed to encourage employers to take informed action to close their gender pay gap, should they have one.

Impacting approximately 9000 organisations across the public, private and voluntary sector, the second year of reporting will result in far more scrutiny of the numbers as media, employees and the public will ask what improvements, if any, have been made by organisations.

Financial services companies have the additional pressure that comes from the report that the Treasury Select Committee has published on Women in Finance.

This panel will explore strategies and considerations for how companies should report ahead of the next April 2019 deadline.

Speakers include:

Hannah Burd, Director, Gender and Behavioural Insights Programme, The Behavioural Insights Team

Denise McQuaid, Commercial and Strategy Director, Everywoman

Innes Miller, Director, Staffmetrix

Jon Terry, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Leader, PwC

Tony Langham, Chief Executive, Lansons (Chair)

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