Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Turn gender pay gap reporting into an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and care.
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Preparing accurate gender pay gap data can be complex. Our approach is to provide a high level of support from beginning to end. We can even do it all. Using our data analytics platform that's been specifically designed to support the reporting requirements, we can quickly and easily help you to calculate the statutory metrics, understand where your gaps lie and determine what you can do to address them. We can help you prepare a branded report, define your plan for change and think about your communications strategy.

Gender pay gap reporting is about more than just the statutory requirements. It’s also about understanding the context, being able to see where and why a gap exists and being able to monitor change on an ongoing basis. Working with you, we provide in-depth analysis that enables you to plan for change and track its impact.

Due to the level of interest in the data that's being submitted to the government, we've created a standalone application called that allows you to see the current overall gender pay gap position, the position by sector and how companies within their sectors compare to their industry average. If you would like to find out more, please click the link below.