Diversity Analytics

Through data and measurement we help organisations understand their diversity profile, and create fairer and more transparent environments that deliver better outcomes.
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Defining and understanding workforce composition is complex. Often employers don’t record the data required to define it at a time when diversity and transparency matters more.

Gender pay gap reporting is only the first legislative step designed to encourage employers to think more about the characteristics of their workforce. In time it may be extended to include include ethnicity, disability and social mobility.

Organisations need to start thinking now about how they will gather this data, but may find they don’t have the necessary processes or resources in place to produce the insights required for internal or external purposes. We help management to address this by creating a single view of their organisation's diversity profile, without complexity or excessive cost. We support this process at every stage. From helping to identify holes in your data to assistance with implementing employee engagement initiatives designed to create a robust, GDPR compliant data set.

Having completed our analysis, we work with employers to address where the imbalance lies. Our aim is to increase returns on investment in diverse talent that ultimately lead to better business performance.