Staffmetrix is a specialist workforce analytics consultancy.  We work with organisations to help them gain a better understanding of their workforce profile and most importantly, the key insights within it. Through data, our aim is to help organisations create environments that are more transparent and ultimately fairer places to work. Our key focus areas are gender pay reporting, diversity and inclusion. We care about how improvements in these areas enhance overall business performance.

To simplify the analysis process, we have developed a secure cloud-based analytics and visualisation platform to collate workforce data from multiple sources.  Designed for use by executives beyond human resources, it provides an instant view of valuable insights from your number one asset - your people.

To provide context, our platform supports peer group and sector comparisons using sophisticated benchmarking techniques. We can provide a fully outsourced analytics and reporting service, or provide our access to our platform only. Our pricing model is subscription based.

If you think we can help, please let us know.